A Flooring Family Since 1936

Our Story

 We grew up climbing on jungle gyms made of linoleum racking and playing hide-and-seek around hardwood floor and tile samples. Today, we provide the Delaware Valley with an affordable playground of flooring material to help create and improve residential homes and imbue commercial spaces with just the right mix of performance and style. 

     The tradition of flooring in the Bell Family began in the 1930s, during the depression. Our grandfather, Louis, found that flooring could put food on the table more reliably than the books he was selling out of his store on 2nd street near Girard Ave, where Bell Floor Covering sits to this day. Back then, this thoroughfare on 2nd street had become known as “Linoleum Lane” for its abundance of flooring stores. The competition was fierce, but Louis had a knack for flooring and grew Bell Floor Covering based on his reputation as being reliable, friendly, and honest.

     In the early '60s at the age of 18, our dad Harvey, officially joined the business and kicked things into high gear. He saw the value in being able to offer quick delivery of popular styles, and added a warehouse on Frankford Ave in Fishtown. Harvey also began providing installation services, building a network of experienced installers well versed in a wide range of flooring needs. With an on hand inventory priced to move and a team of certified installers, he won business across the spectrum from new homeowners and contractors to perennial renovators and the City of Philadelphia. He invested a lot of time perfecting and improving his business and the overall industry, becoming president of the Philadelphia Floor Covering Association in the early '80s.

     Harvey treated the store as if it were his own child - a personal dedication that carried Bell Floor Covering through the recessions of the late 20th century, which saw all flooring stores close along the once bustling "Linoleum Lane" except for Bell’s. Throughout the '80s and '90s, he invested in the store’s neighborhood, always hiring locally. He joined the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association shortly after it was formed in the early 2000s, contributing to the area’s early revival.

     Harvey’s son Joe Bell joined the business at the age of 21 in 2000 at a time when a new generation of builders were reinventing the neighborhood now called Northern Liberties, transforming the area into a hip enclave of living spaces, bars, restaurants, and boutiques. Joe was instrumental in expanding Bell Floor Covering, establishing partnerships with key builders and designers in the city, providing Bell’s flooring to some of the most recognized new commercial and residential properties in the city.

     Today, Bell Floor Covering serves a wide swath of the home improvement and construction community in the Philadelphia region, from professional builders, contractors & designers to homeowners and landlords. Joe Bell runs the business with his team of seasoned flooring specialists, with help from Harvey, who remains on as an adviser. Other Bells – cousins, siblings, in-laws, wives – have and are still helping contribute to the success of Bell Floor Covering. 

     We're located in the same location Bell Floor Covering has always been. Come visit us at our showroom in Northern Liberties or give us a call, and as with generations of Philadelphians before, let’s turn your flooring design goals into reality.